Antelope Canyon Photography





"Ages" is a capture from Antelope Canyon in Page, Arizona. I love this scene since 3 full light beams enter and rain down upon the sandy floor. The amount of time it took to form this magnificent work of nature is estimated to be anywhere between 6 million and 70 million years. My personal opinion is closer to the 70 million mark considering the fact that the average yearly rainfall is 7 inches. The current depth of Lower Antelope Canyon is 120 feet, how much sandstone can 7 inches of rainfall remove a year?  

I captured this photo on my Canon 5D Mark IV with 3 exposures bracketed at +/- 2 at f5.6, ISO400 and 1/8th of a second on the regular exposure.  The other 2 exposures were at 1/5th and 0.3 seconds. I blended this photo using Photomatix and finished with my personal workflows in Lightroom and Photoshop.

If you plan to visit Antelope Canyon as a professional photographer you will need to book a photography tour. The land is owned by the Navajo Indians and only legally accessible with a tour group. If you want to simply see the canyon, a cheaper tour option can be booked where you will be herded into the canyon with large groups of people. A DSLR and tripod is a requirement for the professionals, there are no tag alongs allowed.  If your spouse wants to join you give them a tripod and your backup DSLR.  It worked out great for my wife and I since the tour is very fast paced and she was able to capture shots that I was not able to. If you want the light beams in your photos you must go between approximately April and September. The light enters between 11AM and 1PM in Lower Antelope, be sure to plan accordingly.

To book tours and get pricing go here -  Adventurous Antelope Canyon